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This new website is designed to feature several different areas which are described on this page. Please, feel free to wander through, and then visit our forums or e-mail us any questions you may have.

Our image gallery features many of the swords Eddie Floyd, our founder and director, has designed and made for mass production plus a few one of a kind pieces per customer or student design. You will also find examples of his new martial art line.

We have photos and video footage from several of the shows and demonstrations in which we have participated.

We now have a store that features our martial art line as well as many one of a kind weapons, costumes, jewelry, and art.

Our Schools
After researching and studying the practical applications of various edged weapon combat techniques for over thirty-five years, Eddie now teaches a unique and dynamic martial art form. His form is easily learned, safe, and realistic. For over ten years, our schools have been dedicated to recreating and practicing, as realistically as possible, the Civilian Duel. Our schools offer classes in rapier combat, rapier and dagger combat, and katana combat. Our objective to recreate the Duel is reached through the use of specialized weapons and armor.

By learning footwork, guards, and attacks, classes prepare you for sparring. Previous sword arts or martial arts experience is not necessary. No equipment, other than gloves and appropriate footwear, is required to begin. Becoming a member does not require the signing of a contract specifying the length of enrollment.

Classes meet a minimum of four hours per month. We offer at least one tournament per year, and Eddie hosts monthly seminars. We offer both adult and teen classes (14 and older).

You will find Swordplay Alliance's classes to be a safe and realistic approach to historical combat. We provide the environment to learn not only the art and the history of the sword fight itself but the opportunity to recreate, as closely as possible, the Duel.

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