Getting Started

In order to join Swordplay Alliance, you must first contact either Eddie Floyd or one of the instructors for the location you are interested in joining. Each location has at least one instructor approved by Eddie Floyd, and some locations may also have co-instructors to help with class drills. After you have spoken with the Swordplay Alliance instructor, you will need to attend a class at the location. Bring a pair of gloves to prevent blisters on your hands, water to drink during class, and fees to pay for the enrollment and first month.

Classes begin first with the lead instructor going over drills or parts of the students' forms that need work. The class will then begin practicing drills assigned by the lead instructor. While practicing, the instructors will go around the room helping the students or practicing the drills with them. More advanced students will then spar under the watch of the instructors until the class session ends.

Swordplay Alliance Fees

  1. Monthly fees vary from location to location. Please contact the lead instructor of the location for pricing information.
  2. Fees are due the first class of each month. If you are absent, please arrange with your instructor to cover that month's fees.
  3. Summer Seminar is $35 if you are enrolled in a monthly class. It is $50 if you are not.
  4. If you confirm that you will be attending a Summer Seminar (or any EXTRA class that requires a minimum), you owe for that class, EVEN IF YOU ARE ABSENT!
  5. Unless your instructor cancels your class, there are NO DISCOUNTS for missed classes.

* Family members receive a 10% discount on monthly fees.

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Getting Started