Curriculum Vitae - Eddie Floyd


Swordplay Alliance
Founder and Chief Instructor

Directs and runs several of our schools of swordplay, instructing in historically correct classes in fencing, broadsword, shield and buckler combat, Japanese style fighting, dagger fighting, rapier and dagger, pole arm and axe fighting, and various other styles, covering all periods world wide. Trained as a student under Hank Reinhardt and has over thirty-five years of swordplay experience.

Also designs and makes all types of high quality weapons in his Spring City, Tennessee, business, including fantasy and period correct edged weapons for private collectors, re-enactors, movie, and stage use.

Museum Replicas (1989 - 1994)

Instructor, Captain, Choreographer - Museum Replicas Fight Team

Head Designer -- Research, Development, and Manufacture

Tower of London (1990)

Consultant and Artist

Worked with R. Ewart Oakeshott and Bob Savage to copy and reproduce swords for Historical Sales.

Korsala Productions Ltd. (1996)

Weapons Designer

Designed principal and background weapons for prop master Ron Downing at Studio Koliba in Bratislava, Slovakia, for the film "Kull the Conqueror."

C.A.S. Iberia (1997 - 1998)

Sword Designer

Society for Creative Anachronism

Master at Arms Instructor

National Geographic Explorer

Sword Designer

Made reproductions for the Cuban Shipwreck episode of National Geographic Explorer.

Skills and Expertise

Practical knowledge includes carving and modeling skills in wood and clay, metal engravings and reliefwork, welding in various materials, machining, blacksmithing, molding various materials, design and drawing, scale drawing, and other artistic abilities.

Training courses for NASE, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Audi, and various other automobiles.

Graduate certificate in GM Electrical School.

Welding skills: TIG, GTAW, GAS


Building custom motorcycles, archery, axe throwing, fishing, and camping.

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