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Rapier (Rapier and Dagger, Smallsword, Long Rapier and Dagger)

Rapier fencing is taught at all of our locations and is our main form. We recommend that students start with this form because aspects of it are used in all of our forms.

For our regular rapier fighting classes, we use double-wide epee blades on a hilt assembly that is very close to the historical rapiers used in Europe around 1650 AD. In modern fencing, the cross piece in our hilt would qualify it as an Italian grip. The quillions extend past the hilt and can be used to block or trap the opponent's blade.

We choose to use double-wide epee blades because they retain their stiffness during combat to simulate the physics of an actual rapier, and they are flexible enough to not be dangerous when thrusting at an opponent. These factors make our weapons both accurate and safe to use while sparring.

Rapier fencing is taught in the same manner that a martial art would be taught in. We place emphasis on self defense and balance rather than killing the opponent. These differences are the largest factors that set our form apart from sport fencing's epee.

More advanced students begin to use a main gauche (dagger) in their offhand to make sparring even more intense. Advanced students may also learn to use a smallsword or a long rapier and dagger.


Ookami Kenjutsu ()

Eddie Floyd approaches this form as unarmored, civilain dueling with solid footwork, sparring, and cutting exercises. We are also proud to announce that at our Kennesaw location, we are introducing a new weapon to make our techniques more realistic while not sacrificing safety.

The new practice katana used in this class was designed by Eddie Floyd and is made of kydex plastic. It has the same curve that a katana would have and therefore has a more accurate balance. The practice katanas can also also flex from thrusting adding a new element to katana sparring that was not previously possible without the possibily of injury.

This class meets twice a month in Kennesaw, GA. Some equipment is required to begin and additional armor will be necessary as you advance. No experience is necessary and there are no contracts.

Sword and Shield

We don't currently have a meeting sword and shield class, but several of our students have been putting equipment together to get a class started. Please let us know if you would be interested in attending such a class, and we may be able to get this class started sooner.

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