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Grey Wolf Tourney (2005)

This year Hank Reinhardt was gracious enough to again host a Swordplay Alliance tournament at his home in Georgia. There were 15 fighters compeating this year for a beautiful custom dagger. As usual, the competition was fierce but each fighter conducted him or herself with dignity and honor, often calling points against themselves. This tournament had a couple of changes from previous tournaments. The fist round was best 3 bouts out of 5, & each bout was to 3 points. This allowed all of the fighters a chance to "show their stuff." Also, between rounds the fighters and spectators were treated to a performance by Eddie and Hank, a short cutting demo by Hank, and Rapier and Rapier & Dagger demonstrations by Adam and James.

Oak Ridge Tournament (2003)

Late in 2003 the Oak Ridge Tennessee School hosted their first ever tournament. This tournament was well attended, with 13 fighters participating in the tournament and a number of family and friends gathered to watch the action. Congratulations go to Jody for winning his first tournament and many thanks to the Oak Ridge school for hosting this wonderful event.

Chattanooga Tournament (2003)

This event consisted of three separate tournaments held over two days at the Chattanooga Marriott. These tournaments were single rapier, rapier paired with dagger, and okami kenjitsu. We would like to say a big thank you to Howard Toy, the general manager of the Chattanooga Marriott for making this possible. A special thank you goes out to the staff of the hotel. Their courtesy, hospitality, and professionalism helped make this a wonderful weekend for everyone. The rapier tournament consisted of twenty fighters competing for a beautiful bone handled rapier and the title of champion. As usual, the fighting was fierce. Several tournament veterans showed marked improvement and our first-timers put in some surprising performances. Although winning was important to all the competitors, winning with honor was paramount

Hank's B-Day Party

Some of us were lucky enough to have the opportunity to help Hank Reinhardt celebrate his 70th birthday!

Museum Replicas Limited (2003)

Swordplay Alliance is proud to have been a part of Museum Replicas Ltd's 2003 annual sale. We performed two demos using a variety of weapons including single rapier, rapier & dagger, and small sword. Everyone on the fight team thoroughly enjoyed themselves and would like to thank the staff of MRL for their wonderful hospitality.

Tournament of the Grey Wolf (November 2002)

Swordplay Alliance would like to thank Hank Reinhardt for graciously hosting this tournament at his home in Georgia. There were 21 duelists in the tournament, eight of which were women, and six schools were represented. The winner recieved a custom sword rapier. The blade was donated by Hank and was custom hilted by Eddie. Second place recieved a pattern-welded kris dagger also donated by Hank. We met early on a Sunday afternoon. It was overcast and had rained all week. Of course, this did not deter our warriors. There were weapons to be won, antiques to fondle, and friends to test their skills against.

Chattanooga (2002)

On October 5 Swordplay Alliance held a demo and tournament at the Southeastern Kung Fu Championships in Chattanooga Tn. This was our first demo at an Eastern Martial Arts event. We would like to thank everyone for a very warm reception and look we forward to next year.

Shakespeare and Friends Renaissance Festival Roger

Asheville Mountain Adventure Faire (May 2002)

Dragon Conn Demo (2002)

Once again Swordplay Alliance is proud to have participated in Dragon Con. This year we did two demos and would like to thank everyone who attended for their attention, enthusiasm, and questions. We are looking forward to seeing all of you again.

Watts Bar Tennessee Seminar & Tournament (2002)

On June 23, 2002 Swordplay Alliance had its annual Watts Bar Seminar and Tournament. We had 33 people from several states attend the seminar. Nineteen students competed in the rapier tournament and thirteen competed in rapier & dagger. This turned out to be our best seminar ever! In addition to all of the other activities, we even found time for a couple of birthday celebrations.

Blade Magazine Demonstration (2002)

Dragon Conn Demo (2001)

Liberty Conn

Swordplay Alliance founder Eddie Floyd joins MRL founder Hank Reinhardt for a cutting demonstration at Chattanooga's Liberty Conn.

Asheville Mountain Adventure Faire (May 2001)

Raleigh Renaissance Faire (March 2001)

Winston-Salem Tournament (March 2001)

Oak Ridge Tennessee School

Kennesaw Georgia School

Waxhaw Games

Decatur Alabama Tournament

Roane State College

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Watts Bar, Tennessee Seminar (2000)

Red Bank Tournament (December 1999)


Blade Demonstration, Dayton, Tennessee

Bear Den Seminar

These photos were taken at a Swordplay Alliance seminar at the Bear Den campground on the Blue Ridge Parkway. This was the first seminar offered by the SPA.

Hixson, Tennessee School

These photos were taken at a tournament at the Hixson, Tennessee school, which has since relocated to Red Bank, Tennessee.

Asheville, North Carolina School

Watts Bar, Tennessee Seminar (1999)

Raleigh, North Carolina Renaissance Fair

Blade Magazine Demonstration

The Swordplay Alliance teamed up with Hank Rhinehardt to perform a fighting and cutting demonstration at the Blade Magazine show in Atlanta, Georgia.

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