Fighting Swords from Swordplay Alliance

People often ask if our swords are just for show or if they are meant for regular use. We hope that this page settles those questions once and for all. This section is dedicated to fighting swords and is proof that our swords are as sturdy as they are beautiful. All of the swords on this page were created by Eddie for the students of Swordplay Alliance, and most are used a minimum of four hours per week. A few have been used for sparring for almost five years (thus the scratches you see!).

These weapons are all different. Many have been designed per student requests. They are made of steel, historically correct hilt assemblies, and double-wide epees. Some are fitted with exchangable rapier blades so they can be worn with costumes or mounted on the wall for display.

Class Rapiers

These are the weapons that we use for sparring in our rapier classes.

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Fighting Swords from Swordplay Alliance